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Critics say WHO's stance on "airborne" Covid-19 misses the mark

Droplets released by talking, sneezing or coughing contain a mix of large and smaller particles sols

More and more scientists believe that Covid-19 can be transmitted by an infected person's breath or speech, emitting tiny airborne virus particles that can travel meters. WHO now admits this can happen but is downplaying the risks.

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Big pharma’s bold plan to bring four new antibiotics to the table by 2030

Testing bacteria for resistance to antibiotics. (Photo: Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine)
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The world's one billion "mountain people" speak out

Kempf family famer in the community of Oberalp, in the Swiss Canton of Uri, recites the alpine blessing with a milk funnel at the end of the day (Credit: Keystone)

From the Alps to the Andes and Malawi's Mount Mulanje, mountain people face common problems. The Mountain Partnership links them in a quest for solutions.

Sortir de la crise, la newsletter qui aborde les enjeux de la sortie de crise selon une thématique différente

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ICRC's call for action on climate and war

Farmer in Sofara, Mali, says extreme heat and drought followed by drenching rains destroy everything. (Samuel Turpin/ICRC)

"When Rain turns to Dust", a new ICRC report

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Le premier procès suisse pour crime de guerre est repoussé, l'avocat nous parle

Alain Werner, fondateur de Civitas Maxima a reçu le prix d'excellence "Bâtonnier Michel Halpérin" pour son travail en faveur des victimes de crimes de guerre. (Photo:Nicolas Braguinsky Cascini
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First war crime trial in Switzerland postponed; Civitas Maxima determined to obtain justice

In April 2019, Alain Werner, Director of Civitas Maxima, was honoured as the recipient of “Bâtonnier Michel Halpérin prize for Excellence” Photo: Nicolas Braguinsky Cascini
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A spirit of innovation is crucial to humanitarian aid - new director of Terre des Hommes

Barbara Hintermann, Director General of Terre des Hommes Foundation (KEYSTONE / Martial Trezzini)
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US gives formal notice on withdrawal from WHO - critics say it leaves America 'sick and alone'

US President Donald Trump
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Ten practical solutions to prevent future pandemics emerging from animal sources - UN report

Wildlife displayed for sale as bushmeat at a wet market in Lagos, Nigeria (Credit: Keystone)

Recevez chaque matin un résumé de l'actualité envoyé d'une ville différente du monde.

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Fighting Covid and climate change: What does this mean for climate science?

Graffiti sketch of the planet Earth in Pennsylvania, USA. (Matt Rourke/Keystone)
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La science-fiction se penche sur les objectifs de développement durable de l'ONU

Détail de couverture du livre Nos Futurs | Editions ActuSF
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Conquering deforestation with a pocket knife

Reforestation in Madagascar. Source: WWF

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Green Summer: Things to do in the city

Biking by the lake. Illustration by Inspiring on Shutterstock.
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Can smarter subsidies curb an unhealthy appetite for fishing?

59.5 million people depended on fisheries and aquaculture in 2018. Source: FAO
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What a post-Covid world could learn from small countries

Title cover of James Breiding's book.

In a global political system where size and power often come hand-in-hand, James Breiding flips the script and puts the spotlight on the successes of smaller nations. In his latest book, “Too Small to Fail: Why Some Small Nations Outperform Larger Ones and How They Are Reshaping the World”, the Swiss-American businessman and author takes an interest in how countries such as Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Israel, the Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland are beginning to reshape the policies emerging in the world today.