Geneva Solutions is a new journalistic platform dedicated to covering Genève internationale. We will be launching our website ( along with a daily newsletter in August 2020, covering daily news on Peace & Humanitarian, Climate , Global Health, Sustainable Business & Finance, and Technology. In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic we have opted for an early-release of our Global Health news stream, which starting April 2020 provides insights into how the institutions and people in Geneva are responding to this crisis.

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Pour changer de narratif sur l’Afrique, j'ai écrit onze épisodes sur des solutions du continent

Morgane Le Cam
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Massive investment in EV infrastructure needed to spur European transition to clean truck fleet

Photo: E-Trucks Europe

Sortir de la crise, la newsletter qui aborde les enjeux de la sortie de crise selon une thématique différente

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Smoking out polluting SUV vehicles - lessons from the tobacco-control playbook

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When Covid-19 reinforces authoritarianism

A military tank in front of a house in the Philippines, 16 July 2020 | Keystone/AP Photo/Aaron Favila
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Achille Mbembe: «verser le sang d’un Noir est un acte banal»

Achille Mbembe / Editions La Découverte
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EU orphan drug regulations haven’t “failed” but reforms needed, says European rare disease advocacy group

Two parents hold their child, who has spinal muscular atrophy 1. Source: EURORDIS - Rare Diseases Europe.

Last week, a report published in The BMJ slammed European drug regulations for allowing biopharmaceuticals to reap "billions" in profits on new drugs for rare diseases, but failing to incentivize sufficient R&D into new cures and treatments. A leading patient advocacy group, however, says that while the regulations may be in need of reform, they have helped advance treatments for many debilitating and deadly rare diseases.

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Covid-19 has encouraged the Responsible Business Initiative

The Federal Assembly had difficulty in reaching a consensus on a counter-proposal to the responsible multinational initiative.| Keystone/Peter Schneider
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What solutions journalism can bring to the international community during a pandemic

Constructive media is needed more than ever to find the way forward in the Covid-19 era (Shutterstock / Abscent)

Here at Geneva Solutions, we're tackling the news from a constructive angle. As we’re about to launch on August 24, we'd like to share with you some information and insights on our approach.


Recevez chaque matin un résumé de l'actualité envoyé d'une ville différente du monde.

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An exhibition for jewellery and watchmaking pushes through in Geneva

Geneva's jewellery tradition dates back to the 18th century. | Keystone
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Enhancing public-private partnerships – it won't be an “easy walk in the park”

Effective public-private partnerships are 'not an easy walk in the park'. (Shutterstock / Inspiring)
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The art of creating amid a global catastrophe

Artwork: "COVID Warriors" by Mousumi Mani, 2020 (Electronic Art)

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Swiss nanosatellites for vaccine distribution in remote areas

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Covid-19 has affected mental health of 40% of teenagers

Child psychiatrists reported an above-average number of consultations during the lockdown. (Credit: Keystone)
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A CERN start-up is giving radiotherapists eyes against cancer

Co-founder of Terapet, Christina Vallgren uses gamma radiation to guide the proton beam that serves as a scalpel for the surgeons of the future. / Terapet